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Treatment for Two

Substance Use in Pregnancy

Providing a Safe Space for Recovery is Our Main Focus

Admitting you or a loved one has substance use disorder is difficult for anyone, especially addicted mothers.


There are many barriers moms face when it comes to their recoveries such as the cost of treatment, the stigma surrounding substance abuse, and the difficulty with coping. 

Substance Use in Pregnancy "Treatment for Two" Program at Davis Medical Center is specifically designed for pregnant and Post-Partum women with a Substance Use Disorder. The program is for expecting and parenting mothers.  

Treatment for Two provides a Care Coordinator dedicated to guiding and supporting your unique needs while coordinating care with an OB/GYN to ensure optimal care is provided for you and your baby. 

We understand addiction and want to help you succeed in your recovery and have a healthy birthing experience.

Mother Baby Bonding

Why Davis Medical Center

Treatment for Two


"The Treatment for Two program through Women's Health at Davis Medical Center changed my life and continues to help shape me into the mother and woman I want to be. When I met Jessica Kerns-Galloway, I was what people would consider a lost cause. I got so sick I ended up in the hospital which is where I met Jessica. For days, I ignored her, but she kept coming back to my room. Finally, I knew she understood my situation because she had been there herself. In that moment, I gave her my word that I would join the Treatment for Two Program. I started the program and it is one of the greatest choices I've made in my life! I'm over 15 months sober now, and have a beautiful baby girl. Jessica Galloway played a huge part in my recovery. She supported me every step of the way from routine appointments to being in the room when I welcomed my baby girl into the world. I'm not sure where I would be without the Treatment for Two program, Jess Galloway, and the entire Women's Health staff. While participating in this program I have seen it continue to grow and help other women in similar situations. I can't express the gratitude I have for the program; I am beyond grateful. That all being said I would like to thank the Treatment for Two and Women's Health staff for helping me find my way and never giving up on me even when I gave up on myself!"

                     Thank you all, so very much!


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